Facial trauma can occur for many reasons, and it may be the result of a sports-related accident, an accident in the workplace, or an accident at home. No matter the cause of facial trauma, the consequences can be considerable and may include broken or lost teeth, broken bones, and soft tissue damage. At Mid-Kansas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we provide surgical care to patients to address the effects of facial trauma.

When Should You Seek Emergency Care?

Facial trauma can have serious consequences, especially when left untreated. If you experience severe facial trauma, it is crucial to seek care sooner rather than later.

Different Types of Facial Injuries

The type of facial trauma will determine the type of surgical intervention that you require.

The most common types of facial trauma include:

  • Broken bones. Facial trauma can result in the fracture or malalignment of the jawbone, as well as fractures to other parts of the face and skull.
  • Dental injuries. A traumatic accident may loosen or displace some of your teeth. Damaged teeth may be salvageable by your oral surgeon, or may need to be extracted and replaced with options such as dental implants.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Accidents can result in many types of soft tissue injuries, including severe bleeding, facial lacerations, damage to the underlying muscles and nerves, and unsightly post-traumatic scarring.

Addressing Facial Trauma

When you seek care for facial trauma, the first thing your doctor will do is conduct a physical evaluation, assessing the full extent of the damage before developing a treatment plan. Your treatment will depend on the types of facial injuries you have sustained. The immediate goals will be to get bleeding and swelling under control, ensure a clear airway, and fix broken bone segments, typically through surgery.

It may also be necessary for patients who have lost teeth to pursue dental replacement, such as dental implants.

You’re in Good Hands with Mid-Kansas OMS

At Mid-Kansas OMS, our doctors have many years of experience performing surgery to address the effects of facial trauma. In addition to our clinical precision, we offer friendly and personable service in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

We are here to set your mind at ease following a traumatic accident and to help you avoid long-term injury or complication. To schedule an appointment with us, contact us at (316) 722-0800.