While growths in the mouth often turn out to be benign, others are more serious, and may require prompt medical intervention. If you have an unusual growth in your mouth, a full examination from an oral surgeon can determine if there is inflammation, infection, or even congenital issues. Mid-Kansas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery provides comprehensive oral pathology services for patients.

Common Oral Diseases

Most patients seek a pathology consultation due to the presence of a lump or growth that they cannot explain. These growths may occur anywhere in the mouth, but are most common on the lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, or roof of the mouth. These growths may be classified as either noncancerous (benign), precancerous, or cancerous.

Symptoms and Treatment

Every patient is different, and treatments for oral pathologies can vary considerably. At the least, an oral pathology appointment will include a full physical examination of the mouth. Additional imaging may sometimes be needed, and oftentimes a biopsy will be required to determine the pathology.

Oral pathologies can often be treated in-house by our surgeons. When necessary, we can also refer patients to oncologists and other specialists in the area.

You’re in Good Hands with Mid-Kansas OMS

Finding an abnormal growth in your mouth can understandably be scary. Our surgeons are prepared to identify and diagnose these growths, and to recommend the most effective course of treatment quickly and accurately. We are committed to a warm and welcoming practice environment, and to helping patients feel comfortable and secure during their appointment.

To schedule an oral pathology consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons, contact our practice at (316) 722-0800.