At Mid-Kansas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we are committed to helping our patients regain their dental function and aesthetics. Oftentimes, a minor surgical procedure may be required to prepare your mouth for the placement of a dental prosthesis, such as a full or partial denture. This surgery is often called pre-prosthetic surgery, and the goal is to ensure that your denture fits securely and comfortably.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Treatments

At your initial consultation, your surgeon will perform a full dental evaluation and evaluate x-rays to provide insight into your treatment options.

The objective is to create a solid and secure foundation for the placement of the denture, ensuring that it may be worn comfortably and that the patient can regain the full functionality of their bite. In pursuit of this objective, there are a number of pre-prosthetic treatments that may be needed. These include:

  • Smoothing and reshaping of the bone
  • Removing any excess bone
  • Reducing the bone ridge
  • Removing excess gum tissue
  • Exposing any impacted teeth
  • Extracting unhealthy teeth

Your surgeon will provide more specific information about the treatments you require for a comfortable and secure denture.

Benefits of a Secure Denture

Dentures have long been used to replace missing teeth. Having a securely fixed denture brings a number of benefits to the patient, including:

  • A stable bite without any fear of the denture slipping out of place.
  • A normal pattern of speech, avoiding the problems that come with loose dentures or lost teeth.
  • Optimal aesthetics, allowing you to enjoy a natural-looking replacement for your missing smile.

Ultimately, secure dentures represent a viable option for patients who have experienced tooth loss and wish to regain a confident smile.

You’re in Good Hands with Mid-Kansas OMS

The surgeons at Mid-Kansas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery have many years of experience performing pre-prosthetic surgery. We are known for our highly individualized care, and would love to talk with you more about treatments to regain your oral health.

To schedule a consultation appointment, reach out to our practice at (316) 722-0800.